Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here are two items that I am in love with and feel like it is my duty to spread the word.
1- Gwenevere Jeans by 7 For all Mankind. If you have not found the most-amazing-skinny-jeans-in-the-world, never fear, I have not taken these off since I bought them with a gift card 3 days after Christmas {I really am not kidding, I wait by the dryer when they must be washed}. They fit amazingly and are so darn comfy.
2- Trapeze nail colour by Chanel. If you have never used Chanel polish before I am sure you would think I was nuts for spending the $25 BUT it really does last and they really are beautiful colors. So I rationalize it by not getting manicures {ever} but I can paint my own and the color is fabulous.


  1. Great to know about the Skinny jeans... I need a really good pair. That's my goal/mission this weekend... Get new skinny jeans! Yaaaaaa


    P.S. Beautiful nail color... Classic & feminine. Perfect combo!

  2. i'm loving that nail

  3. Hm, I'm guessing skinny jeans + pregnant girl = no bueno

    Will they still be in style when I would dare to put something called "skinny" on again...say 4/2011???


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