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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love this wall paper {yellow rain boots are perfect too}. Check Julia Rothman's gorgeous designs at Hygge & West.

skull + higrenga + yellow Hermes tray = a perfectly divine coffee table smattering {found at Where the Sidewalk Begins}

When Ross and I were remodeling our house I begged him to put a swing in our living room. I didn't win that battle but as soon as I found this picture on Johnny and Stacie Ross heard all about it. I love the whimsy that it brings to this lovely room.

I love small bathrooms and I especially love small bathrooms with fabulous wall coverings. {Cole & Sons wall covering found on Cup of Joe}

I think I am drawn to this photo of Tonje Holand's home because of the combination of the sewing machine and typewriter.


  1. seriously love your style... very inspirational.
    PS... I used to have a hammock in my studio when I lived alone... hung on either wall with a hook on the ceiling to get it up and looking like swag (sp) when not in use... but it was amazing... I'm angling for a hammock somewhere in our house now... but thus far I've lost that battle too.

  2. I love the modern, simplistic designs. And I am also becoming quite a fan of large, graphic wallpaper. In small spaces or in an entryway, I love the way it adds depth to the room!


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