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Monday, January 11, 2010

I found this label in a bag of sewing supplies that my aunt gave me. I can not get over the font, the red stripes, the little iron, so good. I sewed it on a card and am debating on whether to etsy it or keep it?

Ross, Henry & I found our way to the San Diego Botanical Gardens, I think it is the most magical place for little kids in north county.

Henry and I did a super quick, super illegal U-turn to find this treasure. As a lover of garage sales there is something so bad yet satisfying about handing over $8.75 to the man, taking the box, walking to the car and hearing the wife yell "that was your mother's! it is an antique! what were you thinking!" In a sick way I can laugh because obviously the couple didn't appreciate it or it wouldn't be in the 'garage sale pile' and maybe the man's mother is heaven and knows that I love every little thing about her old Nativity scene.

It was so beautiful this weekend. I hate to brag but really... 80 degrees in January. I loved every moment. Here is a little taste of the sun peeking into the Art Barn.

So I know it might feel early but I have been feeling like every holiday catches up with me and I am not able to give it my full creative energy so I am starting early with Valentine's Day. Here is a shot of my V Day Garland that will be up on etsy {hopefully tomorrow}.

I made 5 little valentines for your true love {also to be on etsy}.

I have been working on a paper quilt and it is all wrapped up and to ready to ship to New York... I will share all the details when I know it has been opened.

I finished a custom T ordered by a Mom who wants to announce #2 to her family, so sweet. I know that I said I wasn't going to do any more T's but I still have a few blanks left, email me with any orders

The only other thing that I don't have a photo of but worth a mention is "A Serious Man." Ross and I just saw it last night. If you don't like the Coen brothers this is not your flick but if you do, please go, so good.


  1. hi lady - idea for the boiltex label find (cute!) write information on it that you'll need to see a bunch like an important address, or babysitter emergency dr's numbers or a precious recipe and put it up, frame it, etc. Then, you don't have to send it away or sell it - you'll enjoy it!!

    love love!

  2. I love the Valentine's bunting!!! It's never too early to start - those are the kind of projects I think about AFTER the holiday has come and gone! So creative as always!


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