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Monday, January 25, 2010

This weekend was full of work. I was in the Art Barn all day Saturday & Sunday working on a job I got do sketch drawings. After 18 hours of sketching and 3 trips to Rhino Art I got it done. Below is a photo of my new favorite marker {they are so fabulous I feel guilty even calling them a 'marker'}. If you ever need to mark something Prismacolors are wonderful. I especially love the really light colors they feel like watercolor in stick without the moodiness.

And above... the highlight of my work filled weekend. My France trip package. I am so thrilled, I read the 3 pages at least 4 times before bed last night. Wood block carving, flea markets, french food & wine, crafts... Oh I am so excited. There are a few spots still waiting to be filled... please come. If you are interested there is a little blog that Kaari Meng {owner of French General and 'tour guide'} is posting on to keep us all up to date on the trip. Check it out here at the Chateau Getaway.


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