scenes from the weekend 'Thelma' style

Monday, November 30, 2009

If Thelma had a blog this is what 'weekend in review' would look like...

Friday night made Ina's sweet potatoes with orange juice {look for recipe 12/1}--made Magnolia Bakery Apple pie {see post 11/3}-- watched old Coen Brother's flick, Barton Fink, LOVED -- woke up Thanksgiving morning and walked the trails at Torrey Pines Reserve down to the beach -- took a few pictures at the spot we were married -- rested and ate light lunch in anticipation for our Thanksgiving feast -- took our Christmas card photo with the timer feature in the backyard in front of the Art Barn -- Went to Nini & Buck's house (my in-laws) for our Thanksgiving feast -- had a beautiful dinner with our family, thank you Nini -- woke up Friday so grateful for our long break -- Ross went for a surf -- stayed home with Henry -- colored -- played with play dough -- played in tent -- worked on orders in the Art Barn -- made holiday tags to be sold on etsy -- worked on Christmas card {see post 'how to: holiday cards' 12/2} -- found a Rug for Henry -- woke up Saturday and went to Del Mar for a walk through town -- got a mocha -- went to toy store -- made a healthy dinner {see kale & chard salad post 12/3} -- put Henry down kissed Ross goodnight -- went to Naomi's for a babysitting swap (side note: I have started swapping babysitting and it is genius! I highly recommend it to all mommies) -- scarfed down an amazing pie from Elizabethan Bakery that Naomi got me -- got a stomachache -- watched 'Man Shops Globe' that Naomi Tivo'd for me -- went home -- went to bed with stomachache -- didn't sleep one wink because of stomachache -- had appendix removed at 10am Sunday -- spent day and night in hospital -- came home this morning -- here are some photos from the highlights (minus appendectomy pics... wink)

Thanksgiving morning at Torrey Pines... pure heaven.

Henry dressed in his new tie from M.O.M ready for family pic & then his first Thanksgiving feast.

mmm... Thanksgiving in a bowl the day after.

tags tags & more tags. They will be on sale on etsy... besides resting today this is my other priority... I am going to be uploading these tags and some other goodies today. The last day to make an order will be Friday {Dec 4th}.


  1. So I've just been skipping thru & whistling & enjoying your latest post, especially the tie...just smiling at your creativity & then.....I read:
    APPENDIX!!! as in the little thing in your body? Oh my gosh Alexis!! I am so sorry honey...please take care......xo,cj
    ps...The gift tags are outrageous!

  2. I second the sentiments from the comment before me. I'm just moving along through the posts, looking at pictures, loving the cool tie pic ;-)...then I decide to start reading the posts. Holy Cow! Well, you're obviously feeling better. Glad they got it out quickly. Take care and if you're well enough and plan on coming down to the Christmas parade Saturday, stop by the studio and say hello.


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