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Thursday, November 5, 2009

In honor of all the pregnant mommies out there I thought I would put together the top 10 things that got me through my pregnancy {#11 isn't totally crucial but we just rented it and it was adorable... a great prego flick}
1- The body pillow. This is number one for a reason!
2- Good maternity Jeans. So while I was pregnant I felt like I would much rather buy an expensive top once I didn't look like an elephant but the one thing I feel is so important is a really nice pair of Jeans. Here is the justification {in case your husband asks}: 1-You are going to wear them for all of your pregnancy's, if you don't buy them for your first pregnancy you are not going to want to spend the money for the 2nd or 3rd. 2- You will wear them 200x's at least (I would wait by the dryer until they were dry so I could get dressed in the morning)
3- Raspberry Leaf Tea. So it could have been in my head but it seemed to help my morning sickness + my yoga instructor said it helps with labor {not sure about the second part but I am going with it}
4- Snacks. I had snacks in my glove box, in my purse, in Ross' glove box and next to the bed. As soon as my tummy got empty I would feel sick {which explains the excessive weight gain}
5- Liz Lange at Target. The maternity clothes are amazing at Target. I know that the store can be hit and miss but check Target's website. Some of my favorite tops were from Target, so cheap and cute (the best way to go for maternity clothes).
6- Accessories. Lots of great accessories are a must at a time when you want to distract from other things. This is also a great purchase because it doesn't matter if you are size 4 or 14 they will always fit.
7- A great pair of flats. Again something that you will wear after the baby. This was a must for me, there was no way my sausages were going to be in any stilettos.
8- Burt's Bee Belly Butter. Every night I would rub this all over my belly it smelled so good.
9- New Chapter Perfect Prenatal. I love New Chapter vitamins, they are all organic with no chemicals or additives. This is an amazing Prenatal. I would always take mine right before bed because they would make me super nauseous in the morning.
10- Prenatal Yoga. I loved this so much, I went 2 days a week during my pregnancy and was in heaven every minute. I don't think that it will be as possible with a second baby so I am so glad I did it with Henry. If you live in San Diego area Soul of Yoga is truly amazing.
11- Away We Go. So this is not a 'must have' per se but it is a very cute movie and would be a great movie for a new mommy and daddy to see together.


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