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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So last week my step mom, Lisa and her friend Caprice {one of my new favorite people} came down to help me with the Art Barn. Okay let me back up, I have been in a private funk for a few weeks. Let me explain, so I love the Art Barn and I love Fern & Feather {of course} but I am starting to feel like instead of having this wildly creative space and business I am the proud owner and only worker at a sweat shop. I do not want you confuse this observation as a complaint because I am incredibly grateful for all of the people who have supported my business. I guess what I am saying is that I am just feeling a little tied down in my creativity. So back to Lisa & Caprice; I have been doing some design work for Caprice and in trade she agreed to come down and 'clear out' the Art Barn. Caprice is fabulous! She has a business called Soul Focus Group which is an umbrella for all of her many talents, one of them being 'Space Clearing' she mixes a little feng shui + intuitive reading + guided meditation to help you clear your space {not sure if that makes sense}. We opened every drawer and cleaned out every button jar getting rid of everything that is not 'useful' or 'beautiful'. Before Henry this was Ross and my mantra ~ 'useful' or 'beautiful' ~ in 1100 square feet with little storage we {used to} take this seriously. After one rolling recycling bin & 2 black trash bags and 4 storage bins life has become lighter and MORE CREATIVE in the Art Barn! Because the space is cleared it has created room for new ideas and new creations.

One of my favorite things to buy at flea markets is stamps and I have tons. Drawer after drawer I would find a new envelope of stamps that were just asking to be sewn, which led me to making stationary. I sold a bunch at the boutique Friday and I will be making a lot more!


  1. I, too, love stamps... decoupaged a lampshade once of all of the stamps and corresponance from a year when I lived in france. it lives atop an eiffel tower lamp... a precious memory.. I will have to send over a pic.. one of these days... envious of your clean house!

  2. Where did you get your fabulous work bench?? I have a storage shed that I'm hoping to turn into an "art barn" soon! It's a looming project but your room is so inspiring!


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