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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My beloved sewing machine died last week and I found out that it is unrepairable. I was given the machine for my 21st birthday, it was a fixture on the sorority house's dining room table, it has flown all over the country with me and most recently it has resided in the Art Barn. It has been 10 wonderful years of making anything and everything that can be stitched...
Here are my top 3 sewing memories:
1- My first sewing project, the blue jean pillow. My grandma and I worked on this for hours.
2- The book I made Ross for our first anniversary. I took photos from our wedding and gathered up all of the beautiful words that were spoken, including two readings from my best friends, a prayer from my father-in-law and wrote them all out to tell the story of our wedding. Each page and picture were stitched together with love.
3- The bunting for my son's blessing last year. Henry was rocking his little heart out in the swing while I busted out yards & yards of bunting that filled our house & backyard.


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