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Monday, October 12, 2009

French General... uhhh, where do I begin?

So a very creative, lovely friend of mine suggested that I check out French General. If you don't know about French General and you are looking at my blog I know that you would LOVE it. It was started by a woman named Kaari Meng and I am sure you have seen some of her books around. French General was started 15 years ago as a sale that would happen one weekend a month in Kaari's barn. She lived outside of NYC and people would come from all over the east coast to go to these sales. She would fill her barn with everything French, "generally." In the morning the shoppers would be offered croissants and in the late afternoon they would be enjoying a little aperitif while filling their baskets. This went on for many years until she opened a store in NYC on Crosby Street. She was wildly successful selling her glass beads, ribbons, trims and linens and now years later she has closed up shop and moved to Hollywood {2009 Riverside Drive, LA 90039}. French General opened last month and is open TODAY from 11-4pm. When you go to French General's website you can browse linens, her books and even videos that she has put together (my fav is 'Uncovering Tinsel'). Okay so besides the fact that Kaari Meng is a huge inspiration to me she hosts a trip every year to a Chateau in France for 14 women. During the days you craft, craft, craft...dye lines, make jewelry, shop the flea markets, eat French food {this sounds like pure bliss to me}. Any way as I see it I need to sell 100 F&F T's and I am there.

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